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June 13, 2011
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Suzume was back in her room, talking to Nemu.

"As I was saying... you haven't lost your virginity. It's not possible. You shouldn't be worried." She stared at her, and there was a long moment of silence.

"It's hard to believe someone with no emotion in their eyes what-so-ever." She glared at Nemu. "But how would I not lose my virginity when he..." she trailed off and blushed.

Nemu tilted her head. "What are you... Oh. I see... He used his hand."

Suzume fell over on her bed and let out a sigh. "Thank god..." She let out a quiet chuckle. "Well I suppose it's not that bad. But still. I'm a young girl!"

"Would you rather have died?" Nemu stood up and walked towards the door. She paused before leaving. "You should really be greatful. Mayuri-sama isn't that nice to people he doesn't-" She caught herself before saying something misleading. "Well, he knows me pretty well... and he still..." She trailed of and showed a small bit of sadness. "My apologies. He's just not good with women like you. If you need anything, just ask me." She closed the door and walked away.

"Women like me- WHAT!" She stood up again. "Whatever. Haters be hatin'." She slowly opened the door, looked both ways, and took a step. "Let's try not to mess up this time, okay? Why did I say that outloud? Why am I even talking to myself?" She shook her head and took another step. Slowly, She made her way down the hall.


'kay I updated. Be grateful you even got this little chapter! GAAAAAAAWD DON'T PRESSURE MEEEEEEEE
Suzume Arakaki was a homeless shinigami. But when she robs a candy store, she is sentanced to one year on team 12. Will she survive a year of insane laughter, science, and perversion? That depends on if she get's killed first!

I own Suzume Arakaki.
Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Nemu Kurotsuchi and Bleach belong to Tite Kubo
"Haters be hatin'"

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